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North Wales Beach Holidays

Leave your troubles behind on a North Wales beach holiday and make memories to last a lifetime.

Take a North Wales beach holiday and feel like you’re stepping right inside a postcard. Read on for 10 reasons why we think a coastal break in this stunning region is calling your name.

3 Reasons to take a North Wales Beach Holiday

You don’t need to travel across oceans for that perfect beach break! Find below our top 3 reasons to get planning that North Wales beach holiday trip.

  1. Quality time – Explore the beautiful beaches whilst taking a well-deserved family holiday in North Wales. It’s the ideal place to reset and recharge, surrounded by loved ones of any age.

  2. Take it easy – A short break in North Wales can be a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of daily life! Enjoy dramatic coastlines and sandy shores all without needing to hop on a plane.

  3. Feel closer to nature – A North Wales beach holiday can offer some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the UK. With mountain ranges and thriving greenery, you’ll have so much more to explore than just the seafront.

4 Best North Wales beaches to holiday on

With lots of beautiful options for a North Wales beach holiday, we’ve narrowed down just four that guests of all ages will love.

  1. Barmouth – A stunning location with a peaceful feel, but plenty of room for water sports for daring tourists.

  2. Anglesey – Its 125 miles of incredible coastline provides endless opportunities to go exploring.

  3. Rhyl – Complete with plenty of natural sites to check out as well as that nostalgic, traditional UK holiday atmosphere.

  4. Llandudno – A perfect choice for families of all ages with lots of local attractions to schedule into your break.

North Wales beach holiday accommodation

When embarking on a North Wales beach holiday, there are lots of accommodation options to suit all needs. Here are just a few of our favourites:

  1. Cottages – You really can’t go wrong with a North Wales holiday cottage. They are a particularly great choice for those wanting a pet friendly holiday in North Wales. You and your furry friend will then be able to shelter from the elements if needed!

  2. Lets – Holiday lets in North Wales are a great way to experience the best of the region. These are well-suited to bigger groups and are a fantastic option if you’re looking to bring your home comforts on your travels.

  3. Hotels – With so many to choose from, you can customise your North Wales beach holiday to your personal preferences and price range.

UK Holiday Inspiration with Cottage Decisions

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